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[ 1392/05/10 ] [ 23:42 ] [ teller ] [ comments ]

We will come and we will protest. We will not be apathetic. We will protest on Friday, the Quds day.

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The last Friday of Ramadan month is the day of Quds. It’s a day in which people show their disagreements and hatred about this cruelty in Palestine. They hold parades and try to do something for those poor defenseless people in Palestine. If we just imagine we were in their shoes, losing our home, our family, our land, our beliefs, our independence, our thoughts and everything, we would also try to at least protest against these cruelties.

Think that you don’t have right to live freely in your own country. Think that you have been ejected from your own land. Imagine that every second you are waiting to hear that one of your friends, family members or the people you love the most, have been killed because of their own absolute rights.

How would you feel? We can’t go there and start fighting. But we can at least show our disagreement to prevent those people in charge from feeling free about what they are doing.


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Tonight is the Ghadr night, which is better than 1000 night.

From dear prophet(pbuh):

" Anyone who keeps vigil at the night of Ghadr and he is a real Muslim who believes in Doomsday, will be totally forgiven from all his sins."





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1. World War 1 making 17,000,000 people dead. (no moslims interposition)

2. World War 2 making 50,000,000 people dead. (no moslims interposition)

3. Nakazaki atomic bomb making 200,000 people dead. (no moslims interposition)

4. Vietnam war making 5,000,000 people dead. (no moslims interposition)

5. Bosnia war making 500,000 people dead. (Moslims didn't start the war)

6. Iraq war making more than 1,200,000 people dead( Moslims didn't start the war)

7. Afghanistan war (Moslims didn't start the war)




Who still believes Moslims are terrorists?

Dear God says in Holy Quran:

Sura Al-Baqara, Aya 11:

"and when it is said unto them: make not mischief in the earth, they say: we are peacemakers only. (11) "



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My dear bowl, what if it’s too tardy?

What if my dear Imam doesn’t want to see me?

Who are they? Like me and like my bowl.

Crying with me and with my soul.

 Why are they morning for Imam this much tragic?

 What should orphans do after his passing?

Who would ever visit the orphans after him at nights?

Who would ever bring food? Put it in our house?

This sorrow is like a sharp blade in orphan’s heart.

Said:” Please give his pain to me instead, dear God”.

       Even himself never understood when that valuable bowl.

Fall from his hands, breaking into pieces on the soil.

He went home, crying and mourning.

Hoping he would also die from sorrow he was holding. 

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Who is the symbol of justice? What is the symbol of justice? Who is the one we have to learn justice from? What is justice at all? What is injustice at all?

Justice is Imam Ali, and injustice is his anonymity.

Imam Ali was like Aaron for Moses (pbuh) for dear prophet. Imam Ali (pbuh) is the 1st Imam of Shias. He was the son of Abd-al-mutallib, the uncle of dear prophet. He leaved with dear prophet since childhood and he was actually ....


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[ 1392/05/9 ] [ 16:47 ] [ teller ] [ comments ]

Kufa is in a deep sorrow tonight

The grief can be seen everywhere

Clouds of sorrow have overcastted the moon

And all over the world is in darkness tonight


Who has ever tolerated the pain as much as Imam Ali

And who has ever endured affliction like Imam Ali

The history is a witness that in all over the world

No one has ever been more oppressed than Imam Ali


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